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LASAK CadCam abutment for LASAK BioniQ (Ti base), QR/B/d3.7, bridge
LASAK CadCam abutment for LASAK BioniQ (Ti base), QR/B/d3.7, bridge
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LASAK CadCam abutments have been developed with an optimized abutment shoulder and with an optimized gingival emergence profile respecting the healing abutments of the original systems. The prosthetic restoration is anchored to the implants with the fixing screws of the respective implant system.

Titanium bases are supplied as standard with bridges and abutments made of ZrO2 material due to higher mechanical resistance to failure at the point of contact with the implant. By bonding the bases into the prosthetic restoration after the final layer of ceramic has been applied and sintered, a machine-precise fit is available, which guarantees flawless functioning of the prosthetic restoration.


  • The CadCam abutment is supplied with a fixing screw.
  • When tightening the fixing screw, it is necessary to follow the recommendations issued by the manufacturer of the respective implantology system and use the corresponding original screwdriver.